Falsehood the invisible enemy

Falshood cover
01.-Falsehood the invisible enemy
02.-Fancy dress party
03.-The headless horseman rides again
04.-Hypocrisy by candlelight
05.-Dusty memory
06.-Under your spell
07.-Silence is golden
08.-Not my war
09.-A blank sheet of paper
10.-Endless green

Stories for reflection

Stories for reflection cover
01.-Walking on thin ice
02.-Forlorn hope
04.-From a child to a diva
05.-One man against all
06.-Lost in a maze
08.-Corridor to heaven

Single cases

Single cases cover
01.-Some tears lie
02.-Never ask me again
04.-Little superhero
06.-Only one last fight
08.-Single cases
09.-Hero without a home


fantasia cover
02.-Brother against brother
04.-At the end of the day
05.-No time for dreams
06.-Free like a bird in a cage
07.-Blood red body on white snow
08.-Funeral for honesty

Cute Lullabies

cute lullabies cover
01.-The mystery of the forest
02.-Buried alive
03.-Choir of angels
04.-Screams in the dark
05.-Night of nightmares
06.-Lights of my town
08.-No understanding
09.-Little lullaby

Rollercoaster of emotions

Rollercoaster of emotions cover
01.-Urban desert
02.-Pact of silence
03.-See the ruins
04.-I'm not bulletproof
05.-Alone with his thoughts
06.-Rollercoaster of emotions
07.-Smile if you have nothing to say
08.-Duells on eye level
09.-The walls get closer
10.-Escape from the darkness

From deep inside

From deep inside cover
01.-Faster than light
02.-Dancing in the moonlight
03.-If something hurt you've got to shout
04.-Restart my head
05.-What you dont see
06.-You live in a cage
07.-Rat race
08.-I cant control your destiny

Fools of darkness

Fools of darkness cover
01.-Robbed my illusions
02.-Learning to fly
03.-Servants of the moon
04.-Mr. and Mrs. Loneliness
05.-Without eyes she can not cry
06.-Fools of darkness
07.-Raised fist


Cursed cover
01.-The dream in red
02.-The soul is in mourning
03.-Senseless debates
04.-Your pretty eyes had seen enough
05.-Day of deduction
07.-Just my opinion

Countdown to eternity

Countdown to eternity cover
01.-Fear the unknown
02.-Haunted from the past
03.-Like an animal
04.-I saw the future
05.-In your embrace
06.-Thrown away like trash
07.-A game is not war
08.-Countdown to eternity

Beyond belief

Beyond belief cover
01.-Sleep away the pain
02.-Let me taste your tears
03.-A gift from god
04.-The shadow of the beast
05.-Battlefield earth
07.-Two faces
08.-Silent scream
09.-Beyond belief
10.-List of the chosen

The truth and nothing but the truth

The truth and nothing but the truth cover
01.-The sirens call
03.-She practice witchcraft
04.-Dont call me again
05.-Forever wide awake
06.-Across the ocean
07.-Her dangerous game
08.-Back home in his basement